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This site is a curious machine for exploring 482,673 pages of famous quotes indexed within this site.

Each quote is its own page and given a unique identifier for the page titles. Simple counting numbers could have been used but there are two main issues with doing this. The first is that, thematically speaking, viewing a listing of search results for example and seeing a strangely sorted list of one-to-six digit numbers is difficult to style nicely without odd stair-casing and other visual oddities. The second, and actually more important, is that by numbering the quotes, humans visiting the site will be misled with a built-in bias thinking that the first quote is somehow more important than the last. Presenting nicely styled pages of unbiased quotations is a primary requirement in the design of this site.

Instead of the one-to-six digit numbering, Quoted.FYI uses a bit of math to take the content of the quote and turn it into a unique number, which is presented as an eight character hexadecimal number. So, all those strange numbers like 56b0edce are actually the result of the SHA 1 hashing processing of the content. The actual page URL is the complete 40 character value and only the first eight characters are presented within any given page.

Another option for the titling of quote pages could have been the first few words of each quote, however, this proved to be a very poor presentation method as well. This idea though, it was actually so interesting to implement that it evolved into the build section of the site and was not used for page titles at all in order to keep the quotes a bit of a mystery during the quote building process. Try starting with the word personally for a good example of how the build process works.

The quote pages are presented with each word cross-linked with all other quotes that include the given word. This may seem odd to do on the internet and that is because it is in fact not normal. This word-linking is done to allow for more ways of exploring the content but also to encourage traffic on the site.

Quoted.FYI is a proof-of-concept site, used to demonstrate and stress-test the upper limits of the Go-Enjin system powering this site. Currently, the site is averaging more than a million hits every month and up until recently, was performing, just not performing well. This was due to a number of factors in the evolution of the Go-Enjin project and things are now at a stage where Quoted.FYI is capable of running multiple instances on a tiny VPS, and able to serve pages in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Please enjoy this curious machine of exploring things quoted for your information.