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regarding tracking and data sharing

# What data is collected.

Visitors to Quoted.FYI are tracked by their IP address, browser user agent string, cookies and other such computer network things for traffic monitoring and site analytics.

# How the data is collected.

The Quoted.FYI website does not ever ask for anyone's email, phone number or any other such valuable personally identifying information.

The following services have access to the user information are:

— Cloudflare (3rd party)
— The web server itself (1st party)

# What is done with the data collected.

The operators of Quoted.FYI use the 3rd party services to secure, optimize and enhance the user experience of the service.

The data collected by the web server itself is only used for debugging and security purposes.

# How can users control their data.

There are a number of things users can do to protect themselves from web tracking services such as:

— Disable the browser's 3rd party cookies
— Use browser plugins such as NoScript to block the javascript
— Use firewalls or other means of blocking the domains of the services

# How quoted.fyi protects the data collected.

Most of the data collected is by Cloudflare and not shared with any other parties.

The (1st party) low-level data collected by the web service is also not shared with anyone or anything outside the Quoted.FYI team.